Hullmark Dental

Hullmark Dental is a new name to describe our new location. We have been in operation since 1992.

Our philosophy at Hullmark Dental is to have a healthy mouth. We understand that poor oral health is a multifactorial issue. It is a combination of host factors, dietary intake and proper hygiene. We want all of our clients to benefit from the relationship between good oral health and systemic body health throughout their lives. We strive to make sure all areas are covered and that patients take responsibility for their own health.

We are also passionate about confident smiles. We understand that people with confident smiles generally tend to smile more and have more positive emotions. We have solutions for any situation. With the use of digital photos, models and software, we try to inform you as much as possible before you make any decisions.

Finally, we care about proper occlusion and how teeth come together in the mouth. Improper alignment of teeth and missing teeth throw the balance of the mouth off and can lead to issues such as jaw clicking and pain as well as excessive tooth wear. We provide solutions to correct the imbalance and maintain proper support of the facial muscles and teeth in the mouth.

When you book your initial appointment with us you receive a one-hour appointment where you will be thoroughly examined and have your concerns and complaints addressed.  We provide you with the necessary information you need to make informed decisions about your mouth.